Modern Woodwork: First of all congratulations for creating a Brand in Doors popular across India. What was you inspiration to start Door manufacturing and in which year it was launched?
V. K. Patel: Thank you so much for your warm courtesy, Earlier we had a family timber business, but our ambition was to create a household brand and be associated with the leading players in the construction industry, and hence we started the operation way back in 1988, at our first unit in WADA, Mumbai.

From a modest beginning now we have reached a stage where in we are producing close 40,000 doors a month.

Modern Woodwork: How was the journey from starting from scratch to a leading Door brand?
V. K. Patel: The journey was initially challenging, now it is pretty much satisfying.

Modern Woodwork: What were the challenges to reach this stage?
V. K. Patel: • The door segment is predominantly unorganised, the biggest challenge for us was to be recognised as an organised player in this industry.
• As wood is a natural product, getting the NULL FEHLER (Zero-defect) product was also a major challenge.

Modern Woodwork: What were the problems faced during these days?
V. K. Patel: Getting recognition as an organised player we had to pass through a lot of stiff resistance and face challenging situations till consolidation of our brand and operations.

Modern Woodwork: Which were the moments of great achievement during this journey?
V. K. Patel: Every time when every client get back to us for a fresh requirement are cherished as a great achievement for us. Our satisfied client list always keeps us motivated.
At KALPATARU, upgradation of quality and services always remain a continuous process.

Modern Woodwork: What are the future plans?
V. K. Patel: To become complete solution providers for doors and other related products.

Modern Woodwork: What is your opinion about recent developments in Indian Door sector?
V. K. Patel: Clients look for one stop solution for doors and allied products, this healthy trend is bound to lead us more new frequent avenues of business.

Modern Woodwork: What future you see for the Indian Door Industry?
V. K. Patel: We foresee , a competitive but at the same time challenging business opportunity where quality and service would finally prove to be the winning combination.

Modern Woodwork: Yes What you will advice to the New Door manufacturer entrants in this market?
V. K. Patel: We would advice the new entrants to satisfy the customers requirements and provide them with best quality and service.
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April 2017