Kalpataru 100%  Calibrated Plywood (IS:710)

  • Kalpataru – the creators of error-free designer doors, now brings to you Kalpataru 100% Calibrated Ply made using core composers to get 100% accuracy.
  • It’s an ensemble of only the best; the best raw materials, the best technology and the best output. This ensemble creates a Ply that is ‘Null Fehler’ – meaning the one with ‘zero errors’.
  • Kalpataru’s ‘Null Fehler’ Ply gives even thickness at every point, an essential element for high-end furniture. The smooth surface offers better appearance and better strength.
  • Design your dream home with with Kalpataru Ply and turn your imagination into reality.

Finish Available: Ready to use


  • 100% calibrated with ± 0.2 mm tolerance
  • First time in India without dipping marine grade plywood
  • Flawless fitting of engineered hardware and high end furniture
  • No extra polish required for wallpaper application
  • Tolerant to pneumatic and hydraulic tools
  • Most suitable for edge bending process
  • Warp-free
  • Sanding-free
  • Flawless finish
  • Ready-to-use for Duco-paint application and time saving
  • Ideal for CNC workmanship
  • Direct veneer flitch pressing
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Even thickness
  • No extra insertions required
  • Thicker face
  • No core gap
  • No overlap
  • No chipping


Accurate Thickness


Phenol Bonded

Fungus & Borer Free


  • Excellence in manufacturing has always been the core competency of Brand Kalpataru.
  • Our sophisticated technology involves tested processes like Sanding and Pressing gives durability, Sanding initiates smoothness while Calibration ensures accurate thickness.
  • Kalpataru – 100% Calibrated Ply defines the international benchmark achieved through error-free European machinery.change this text.

Plywood Specification

  • Kalpataru has 100% Calibrated Plywood (IS:710)
  • Variants Availability: NA
  • Maximum Size Offered (HXW: in ft.) : 8X4
  • Thickness (mm): 6/9/12/16/ 18 & 25mm
Thickness Available (mm) Sizes Available (ft.)
6 8X4
9 8X4
12 8X4
16 8X4
18 8X4

How KALPATARU PLY is a better choice than an ordinary ply?

Ordinary plywood Kalpataru plywood
No Yes
Thickness Variation
Approx. Variation 1 mm – 1.5 mm Approx Variation: upto ± 0.2 mm
Possibilty No Warping
Single Press Double Press
Core Gap
Possibility No Core Gap
Possibility No Overlapping
Quality Assurance per pc
No Guarantee per pc Each & every pc is quality assured
Non – Calibrated 100% Calibrated
Not Guaranteed Yes
Termite Resistance
Not Guaranteed Yes
Duco Paint
Not Possible Possible
CNC Workmanship
No Yes
Edge Bending Process
No Yes
Direct Veneer Hitch Pressing
No Yes
Face Veneer
0.25mm 0.50mm
Imported Hardware fittings fit easily
No Yes
Decorative High Gloss Acrylic ABS Foil
No Yes
No Yes

KALPATARU Ready to use PLY in furniture

Kalpataru PLY now comes with added convenience. The ply can also be made available as One/ Both Side Lamination, One/ Both Side Decorative PVC Foil, One / Both Side Decorative Veneer, One / Both Side Decorative High Gloss Acrylic ABS foil.

• Saves time in manufacturing premium furniture
• Saving cost and efforts for finishing
• No air pockets
• More savings due to zero maintenance
• The error-free functioning of the furniture ensures a longer life
• Mechanized pasting nullifies the possibility of defects

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