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Veneer Flush Doors

Kalpataru Veneer Flush Doors is a benchmark for luxury homes for many years. While giving an exceptionally long service to your home they accentuate the beauty of your home.

Kalpataru Veneer doors are made with high quality natural Veneer..

Each Veneer door goes through Kalpataru’s Special Calibration process which gives the door a perfect and even surface finish, so that there is no undulation and waviness in door.

Kalpataru Manufactures Veneer Flush Doors as per Indian Standards. A solid core wooden laminated flush door consists of a block board core bonded with crossband veneer faces constructed on both the sides. The Kalpataru Laminated Flush Door is not only durable but also borer, termite and fungus resistant.

Kalpataru Veneer doors are available in wide range of Natural patterns.

Kalpataru Veneer Flush Doors available in

  1. Kalpataru Gold: 5 Ply Series
  2. Kalpataru Classic: 7 Ply Series
  3. Kalpataru Classic – 9 Ply Series

Finish Available: Paint, Primer, Decorative , Foil


  • Variants Availability: Brand Option – Gold/ Avian/ Classic
  • Maximum Size Offered (HXW: in ft.) : 8X4, 10X4
  • Thickness (mm): 30/ 32/ 35/ 40/ 45mm


No waviness



Accurate thickness

0.5mm face veneer

Furniture grade
spruce wood

5 / 7 / 9 ply

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