Complete Door Solution

Wooden Doors

Presenting Kalpataru Complete Door Solution. One of the most challenging products with huge scope in the upcoming building & construction industry. 

This product is being developed keeping in mind the requirement & use of customers & with the help of an experienced technical team
with lot of R&D. 

The finish available in Complete Door Solution are as follows –
– Laminated Finish.
– Veneered (Polished/Unpolished) Finish
– Painted Finish.


Elements of Energy Efficient Door Solution

Door-frame manufacturers-Complete Door Solution

1. Door Shutter
is the essence of Complete Door Solution. We offer
maximum variety of finish & variants. Options offered such
as Ecoloax, Timber, Honeycomb etc.

2. Architrave
it is an ornamental moulding running round the extrados of
an arch; options offered of various frame thickness & width

3. Silicon Gasket
is a weather stripping element which helps in Energy
consumption, sound & dust prevention. Also, prevents impact
of Door closing & especially developed design for Indian

4. Door Frame
it is designed to offer lifelong strength customised solution

5. Customisation
by automation machine we offer grooves, holes for fitment
of accessories such as hinges, locks etc.

6. Edge Banding
It offers strength & beauty to your door and door frame.
It prevents – weather effect, moisture. State of the art seamless Joint design

7: Silicon Protection Sheet
The special coating of Silicon Protection sheet in the door frame
base makes sure there is no damage and water seepage

Benefits of Kalpataru CDS (Complete Door Solution)

Null Fehler
100% accuracy
Designed and engineered by european machinery and World’s best
high quality raw material which makes our door solution 100% perfect

Complete Solution
Door, Door Frame, Space for Accessories, Door Architrave

Cost Saving
Once installed, No additional maintenance cost

Installation & Support
Kalpataru team takes care of each complete door solution installation,
and the best part is – Kalpataru Door solution can be the last thing
to be installed in your flat – as compare to the traditional doors

Same Finish for Door Frame & Door  
Door & Door Frame both are made of Same finish.
Polishing and Staining are provided custom made

Surface Finishes
Veeners | Laminates | Painted | Primed | Composite Decorative Vinyl Foil | Polish

Excellent Packaging
Kalpataru Door Solution comes with State-of-the-art packaging
which makes the door and frame fully damage proof

High Quality Material Used
Kalpataru Door solution is made from high quality material employing
European standards  

• 100% Calibrated Ply (BWP Grade)
• Engineered Block Board
• Kalpataru’s Exclusive Adhesive – European Standards

Kalpataru offers invisible joint free technology with no joint
cracks visible



  • Base of Engineering Door Frame: – Made by
    KALPATARU 100% Calibrated Marine Plywood
    as per IS: 710. | European Engineered Block Board

  • Higher density of Engineering Door Frame is approximate 700 – 750 Kg/m3

  • No Cracking, Warping, Bending, Twisting

  • Engineering door frames can be installed at the later stage i.e. after completion of tiling and other construction work. Hence inventory cost and damages are saved

  • Low on maintenance
Decorative Door Manufacturers-Complete Door Solution

(Solid Wood)

  • Base of Solid Lumber – (depending on the type of Wood)

  • Low density of Solid Wooden Door Frame Density is 450-800 kg/m3

  • Cracking, Warping, Bending, Twisting is relatively more

  • Installation of solid wooden door frame is required at the initial stage, which blocks your inventory and increases cost & damages
  • High on Maintenance