Kalpataru Blockboard – Premium Class

Kalpataru’s 7 PLY Blockboard is made from 100% American pine filler, also it is Boiling Water Proof and termite resistant.

With high dimensional stability & strength, Kalpataru’s 7 Ply Blockboard is highly durable and perfect for crafting the home & office furniture.

Kalpataru – The ‘Null Fehler Blockboard’ is Ideal for premium applications like designer wardrobes, designer kitchens, partitions, shutters, luxury interiors and also for premium furniture.



Blockboard Thickness:  Sizes available: 
19mm8 x 4 Ft.
25mm 8 x 4 Ft.

Blockboard Benefits

• Gap Free
• 100% American Pine filler
• Composed Core
• Imported Gurjan / HW. Core
• Boiling Water Proof
• Pre-Pressed Block Board
• Low Emission
• Warp Free

• Sanding Free
• Flawless Finish
• Ready to use for Ducopaint
application and time saving
• Ideal for CNC workmanship
• Strong & Long Lasting
• Water proof
• Thicker Face of 0.5mm

How Kalpataru 7 Ply Blockboard is better than ordinary Blockboard

Points of Comparison Kalpataru 100% Calibrated BlockboardOrdinary Blockboard
Null FehlerYesNo
PressingVier Mal Pre Press TechnologySingle Press
WarpingNo WarpingPossibility
Quality Assurance per pieceEach & every piece is quality assuredNo Guarantee per piece
WaterproofYesNo Guarantee
Termite ResistanceYesNo
Direct Duco Paint applicationPossibleSanding/ MDF Required
CNC WorkmanshipYesNo
Edge Banding ProcessYesNo
Imported Hardware fittings fit easilyYesNo
Face Veneer0.50 mm 0.25 mm
Blockboard InfillAmerican PinePackaging Grade Pine/ Scrap
100% Calibrated BlockboardYesNo



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