Kalpataru Blockboard – Gold

Kalpataru’s 7 PLY Blockboard is made from 100% American pine filler, also it is Boiling Water Proof and termite resistant.

With high dimensional stability & strength, Kalpataru’s 7 Ply Blockboard is highly durable and perfect for crafting the home & office furniture.

Kalpataru – The ‘Null Fehler Blockboard’ is Ideal for premium applications like designer wardrobes, designer kitchens, partitions, shutters, luxury interiors and also for premium furniture.



Blockboard Thickness:  Sizes available: 
19mm8 x 4 Ft.
25mm 8 x 4 Ft.

Blockboard Benefits

• Gap Free
• 100% American Pine filler
• Composed Core
• Imported Gurjan / HW. Core
• Boiling Water Proof
• Pre-Pressed Block Board
• Low Emission
• Warp Free

• Sanding Free
• Flawless Finish
• Ready to use for Ducopaint
application and time saving
• Ideal for CNC workmanship
• Strong & Long Lasting
• Water proof
• Thicker Face of 0.5mm

How Kalpataru 7 Ply Blockboard is better than ordinary Blockboard

Points of Comparison Kalpataru 100% Calibrated BlockboardOrdinary Blockboard
Null FehlerYesNo
PressingVier Mal Pre Press TechnologySingle Press
WarpingNo WarpingPossibility
Quality Assurance per pieceEach & every piece is quality assuredNo Guarantee per piece
WaterproofYesNo Guarantee
Termite ResistanceYesNo
Direct Duco Paint applicationPossibleSanding/ MDF Required
CNC WorkmanshipYesNo
Edge Banding ProcessYesNo
Imported Hardware fittings fit easilyYesNo
Face Veneer0.50 mm 0.25 mm
Blockboard InfillAmerican PinePackaging Grade Pine/ Scrap
100% Calibrated BlockboardYesNo

Kalpataru’s Null Fehler Advantage

‘Null Fehler’ is an innovation for those who seek perfection in every creation.
‘Null Fehler’ is the global benchmark originating from the land of engineering excellence -Germany. Our high-end process gives you ‘zero error Ply and Blockboard’.


Accurate Thickness

Phenol Bonded

Water Proof

Fungus free

Borer & Termite Free

Eco Friendly



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