Kalpataru Premium Class Plywood

Calibrated Premium Class Plywood Manufacturers
  • Premium Class Plywood is a Top of the Line product from the house of Kalpataru.
  • It is a Boiling Water Proof (BWP) grade Marine Plywood that has been developed in accordande to IS 710.
  • Bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde resin comprising to IS : 848 assuring strength.
  • VIERMAL PRESS (4 times press) German Technology is used for manufacturing this product for World class finish and Longevity.
  • Use of Thicker face veneer of 0.5mm eliminates the need for sanding and ensures perfect finish.
  • Blend of Gurjan and tropical hardwood species is used in the product to achieve maximum stability.
  • Borer and Termite Free plywood.
  • Each and Every piece is quality assured.
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Kalpataru’s Null Fehler Advantage

What makes Kalpataru Ply different from any other ply is its ‘Null Fehler’ advantage. ‘Null Fehler’ is the German standard for ‘zero error’ and offers an array of advantages.

For Kalpataru Ply, ‘Null Fehler’ means creating a product that reinforces perfection at every level. The foremost advantage of this revolutionary product is its uniform thickness. This advantage translates into perfect fittings, perfectly finished edges and even surfaces.

The second most distinctive advantage of Kalpataru Ply is smoothness. A smooth surface ensures a stunning appearance and better pasting of veneers. On the whole, the ‘Null Fehler’ Ply is a flawless product perfected for high-end furniture.

USP's of Kalpataru Premium Class Plywood ?

  • Our Premium Class plywood is 100% calibrated and has a thickness tolerance of ± 0.2 mm, that makes the ply ideal for paneling work.
  • Premium Class Plywood is specially designed for Fine crafting and CNC workmanship.
  • The use of laminate and veneer, on top of the Premium Class Plywood can be eliminated, as the plywood surface is ready for Clear polish / Duco paint.
  • Plywood’s thickness accuracy and surface finish blends seamlessly with imported hardware and fittings.
  • Ideal plywood for Designer Kitchens and Premium furniture



Phenol  Bonded


Water Proof


Fungus free


Borer & Termite Free



Plywood Specifications

Plywood Thickness:  Sizes available: 
6mm8 x 4 Ft.
9mm 8 x 4 Ft.
12mm8 x 4 Ft.
16mm 8 x 4 Ft.
18mm8 x 4 Ft.

How kalpataru plywood is better than an ordinary ply?

Points of Comparison Kalpataru Plywood Ordinary Plywood 
PressingVier Mal Pre Press TechnologySingle Press 
Core Gap No Core Gap Possibility
OverlappingNo Overlapping Possibility 
Quality Assurance per pc Each & every piece is quality assuredNo Guarantee per piece
Waterproof Yes No Guarantee
Termite Resistance YesNo
Direct Duco Paint applicationPossible Sanding/ MDF Required
CNC Workmanship YesNo
Edge Bending Process YesNo
Direct Veneer Flitch Pressing Yes No
Face Veneer 0.50 mm 0.25 mm 
Imported Hardware fittings fit easilyYesNo

Ordinary Plywood

Kalpataru Premium Class Plywood


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