Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Kalpataru Rewards App

Who Can Register:
Individuals in the following professions, above 18 years of age, who are involved in direct use or sale or recommending products used for construction, can register as Member for
Kalpataru Reward Scheme. Users of Kalpataru Products are not eligible to register.

Primary Member:
• Contractors
• Carpenters

Associate Member: Type 1
• Dealer
• Retailer

Associate Member: Type 2
• Architects
• Interior Designer
• Any spouse or family member of Member of Kalpataru Reward Scheme who are NOT in any of the above profession directly are NOT allowed to participate or register on behalf of the Member.
• Registration in name of firm and/or company as an entity is not allowed to be registered.

To Register requires, valid.
• Cell #
• E-mail id
• Residential Address
• Details of Bank in which to Receive cash incentive as and when points redemption is done.
• PAN details (as per Government Guidelines)
• Participation in Kalpataru Reward Scheme is entirely voluntarily.
• Employees and their families of V K Patel & Co and their Group companies are not
allowed to enroll.

Membership Explained:
• Primary Member:
• Member who is authorized to scan the product by the app downloaded is termed as Primary Member
• Primary Member can add the Name and Cell # of Associate Member at the time of scanning.

Associate Member:
• Member who are not required to scan the product to earn points but can redeem the points as collected.
• Member to whom points gets automatically accrued each time Primary Member scans the product.
• Member earns points automatically; each time Primary Member scans the product provided the Associate Member details are linked.

How to Register:
Any individual involved in the profession listed above can download the Kalpataru
Rewards App from Google Play Store or Apple Store on to the mobile.

First Time Registration:
• Login by entering the mobile #, to which OTP shall be sent.
• Post entering the OTP, personal information may be added as required and after completion, need to submit, post which the participant is ready to start.

Already Registered:
• Login by entering the mobile #, to which OTP shall be sent.
• On entry of OTP, the customer detail shall appear and on entry to next page, ready to scan or redeem point.
• Cell # provided for Registration is the Unique Membership Number that shall be used for all communication.
• In case of multiple cell # available with the Member, the member may decide any one cell # as the primary number for registration and the other cell # may be provided as secondary cell #
• Member has a choice to change his primary cell # in future only once by contacting the Administrator and providing documentary evidence as required.

• Once registered, the Membership is for eternity, unless and until the Member decides to opt out.
• There is no time period for Membership to expire.
• Points addition and redemption each time the scanning is done by the Member or by the associate, the Member accrues the points.

Procedure for Scanning:
• Each time Primary Member scans the product, Cell # of the Associate Member needs to be entered.
• Associate Member Type 1 entries are Mandatory to be entered by Primary Member; Associate Member Type 2 entries are required but not mandatory.
• In case Primary Member does not provide details of Associate Member Type 1, then in such case, the Primary Member shall NOT be able to earn points.
• In similar situation if the Primary Member does not provide details of Associate Member Type 2, even then the Primary Member will earn points.
• If the Primary Member provides detail of Associate Member Type 1, who is yet not Registered with Kalpataru Reward App in such case, points earned on scanning shall not get transferred into the Primary Member account and shall remain in abeyance, till the Associate Member Type 1 downloads and activates his account.
• If Associate Member is registered already:
– As and when Primary Member scans, the Associate Member shall automatically accrue points as specified for the product and the member type.
– If Associate Member is NOT registered:
– As and when Primary Member scans, the Associate Member shall accrue points as specified for the product and the data shall remain in the server. As and when Associate Member activates his account, the points so collated against the Associate Member, shall start reflecting.

Redemption Process:
• Any member, irrespective of the type of membership held, can redeem the points at any time.
• Redemption can be done against the redemption table ONLY. Any odd points can’t be redeemed.
• In situation, where the member is yet to collate more points to achieve higher slab, however, the member can redeem for lower slab or wait further for higher slab/s
• Redemption process can be activated by pressing on the icon, “Redeem” and the process shall be auto guided.
• For redemption, the member needs to essentially provide the PAN details if not submitted earlier at the time of registration.
• Cash Redemption shall be done through UPI into the account, as provided by the Member.
• For gifts and/or vouchers, the same shall be sent by Courier or Registered AD, as the case may be, at the address provided by the Member.

General Terms & Conditions:
• Members earn their points on purchase of Kalpataru products, which are being promoted under Loyalty Progarm
• There are no minimum purchase criteria but on every unit of Kalpataru Product, member is eligible to earn point/s as specified from time to time.
• Kalpataru reserves the right to assign points to all or limited product/s
• Points assigned shall vary for the product as well as for the type of member, whether he/she is Architect or Interior Designer AND Contractors or Carpenter AND Dealer or Retailer
• Member may redeem the points at any stage, with no compulsion of time or level.
• Redemption needs to be done against the scheme table appearing in the Reward App
• Company holds the right to change or modify the redemption table and the valuation of points as well as the reward ordered.
• Once a member has selected a reward option from the table and it has been submitted for redemption, then there shall be no change allowed.
• Member is free to continue adding points to achieve the highest slab of reward.
• In case of any false declaration or misrepresentation of address or PAN, then the company is NOT liable for the Member not receiving the redemption cash or gift or voucher.
• Any tax liability accruing as a result of earning cash or any gifts, the tax liability shall be the responsibility of the member.
– Cash redemption shall be paid after deduction of TDS, as per the Tax norms.
– For voucher or gifts, the member shall be required to pay for the tax as per the Tax norm post which the voucher or gift shall be dispatched.
• Any dispute, if not settled amicable, shall be referred for arbitration under the provision of the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1966 and the rules made there under. The place of Arbitration shall be Thane. In case of any dispute needing judicial attention, the same shall be subject to jurisdiction of any court in Thane.